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Course Duration 27 Hours

The Fundamentals of InfiniBand Fabrics: Instructor-Led Training

InfiniBand interconnects TOP500 supercomputers and enables the use of advanced interconnects protocols & technologies in advanced data centers environments. It incorporates into its architecture, advanced protocols that enable ultra-low latency, outstanding bandwidth and amazing scale-out of nodes in the same cluster. It also facilitates RDMA based applications that boost any data center performance. Whether you are looking to maximize your Mellanox products experience, or trying to become a foremost expert in interconnect technologies, this is the place to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.
This class provides the fundamentals of InfiniBand technology from a usability point of view, and builds from the details of the InfiniBand specification. During the course, students will learn about the management concepts, architecture layers as well as various utilities to manage and monitor InfiniBand fabric, and even troubleshoot basic issues. It is designed to meet the needs of anyone who installs, configures, manages, troubleshoots or monitors InfiniBand fabrics.

Students who will participate in this course will enjoy world class certified instructors and certified comprehensive training kit, that includes updated presentations, quizzes, simulators and videos. This course offers real practical hands-on exercises based on our unique experience from the field backed-up with remote lab access. In addition, students receive a Gold membership to the Mellanox Online Academy, so they can continue to learn and grow in their own time and place through our advanced online learning platform after completing the face to face part.

For the ones who will pass the certification exam, we will send Mellanox’s official InfiniBand certification. This is the only InfiniBand official certification in the market!

Recent studies indicate that focused technology training (mainly hands-on oriented) is one of the most significant contributors to performance improvements, down-time reduction and products' TCO improvement.

InfiniBand Introduction
  * InfiniBand Trade Association
  * What is InfiniBand?
* InfiniBand key features - InfiniBand fabric components
Fabric Management 
  * Subnet Manager
  * Fabric addressing
  * Node’s identifiers
  * Fabric Initialization stages
  * Monitoring the Fabric
  * Routing Algorithms
InfiniBand Architecture
  * The upper layers
  * The transport layer
  * The network layer
  * The data link layer
  * The physical layer
Mellanox products
InfiniBand Multicasting
InfiniBand Drivers
  *Mellanox OFED
  *InfiniBand Utilities and Tools
Mellanox Unified Fabric Manager (UFM) Overview 
Mellanox Care
Field best practices

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to support level 1 fabric debug functions, as well as maintain and perform primary InfiniBand fabrics using Mellanox tools and best practices. Upon completion of this course, they should be able to perform the following:
* Describe the InfiniBand (IB) protocol foundations
* List and describe the main features of Infiniband fabrics
* List the main InfiniBand topologies and their pros and cons
* Describe the basic management concepts and functions of InfiniBand fabrics
* Perform basic operations with the Subnet Manager that are related to the management of the fabric Operate basic SM
   operations of an InfiniBand switch using its CLI
* Describe the processes during the fabric initialization process Read management outputs from the fabric and
   underrated their implications
* Describe the layer structure of InfiniBand Architecture
* List the common OFED commands and their usage
* Perform management and diagnostic tasks with OFED commands * Describe Mellanox Unified Fabric Manager (UFM)

Network & system administrators
Network & system engineers
InfiniBand pre-sales staff
General understanding of networking concepts and principles
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